Best Golf Clubs for Beginners to Intermediate

By Lindsey Wright

Golf is a sport in which a combination of skill, concentration, physical fitness, and quality and range of equipment is vital for success.

You can improve your mastery, focus, and fitness level with hard work and practice. However, the excellence and suitability of your golf clubs depend mostly on your research capabilities and buying power. This is all the truer when you are just starting.

Often golfers start playing by learning to swing with any club available and if they find themselves good at it, move on to buy better equipment. A point missed here is the importance of learning to play with good golf clubs for beginners. It can make a world of difference to your game.

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Another aspect to consider is the reluctance of beginners in investing huge sums in starter golf clubs before knowing whether you are going to continue playing the game. Golf is considered a game for a lifetime. The need of the hour here is a set of good golf clubs for a beginner that will not empty your wallet.

The internet is the right place to look for information. However, it is not easy to find all the information you want in one place, exactly the way you want it.

Here, in this article, you will find everything you need to know about the top five affordable golf club sets for beginners to intermediate level players. All you have to do is read the article on our top picks and make your choice

Best Golf Clubs for Beginners to Intermediate level players

Wilson Men's Ultra Complete Golf Set, Standard Edition​

Wilson Men's Ultra Complete Golf Set, Standard Edition

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From Wilson, a brand well-known for its quality and affordability, Wilson Men’s Ultra Complete Golf Set, Standard Edition, is an asset to a golf beginner.

Featuring 9 clubs (a driver, 3- wood, 4- hybrid, 6- to 9- irons, a pitching wedge, and a putter), this Wilson Ultra Complete Golf Set comes equipped with a well-designed backpack-style stand bag and three cushioned headcovers.

Oversized titanium drivers come with a low center of gravity and a huge sweet spot for increased forgiveness and added distance off the tee.

Fairway woods are very forgiving and designed for making shots with high levels of accuracy and good loft, offering easier swing and more distance.

Irons are built with extra-large sweet spots to help beginners prone to off-center hits. 

A lightweight, ergonomically-designed, and self-activating stand bag is an added attraction.

A great companion for an amateur or beginner who is looking for the full set of golf clubs for beginners (men’s) in the affordable range, the Wilson Ultra Complete Golf Set includes everything you will need for a solid foundation in the game.

wilson golf set for beginners
Wilson Men's Ultra Complete Golf Set, Standard Edition
Key features

When starting, first-time golfers have a hard time wading through the multitude of choices available in the market. It is no easy task to build up a golf set for beginners from scratch, Wilson has simplified the entire process with this full set. As a complete package, Wilson Men's Ultra Complete Golf Set offers an affordable option for golf enthusiasts without compromising on quality and range.

Precise S7 18 Piece Men's Complete Golf Club Package Set

Precise S7 18 Piece Men's Complete Golf Club Package Set

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Precise S7 Men’s Golf club Set is packed with attractive features tailor-made for beginners. Lightweight and highly forgiving, this complete golf set is the perfect gear for starters.

Flaunting a Titanium driver, #3 & #5 fairway woods, #4/24* hybrid wood, 5- to 9- irons, pitching wedge, sand wedge, putter, stand bag, bag cover, and 4 headcovers, this 18-piece set is a complete package in every sense of the word.

Designed for high performance, Precise S7 Men’s Golf club Set brings in the latest technology and high-quality materials to ensure great distance and mind-blowing performance every single time.

Precise S7 Men’s Golf club Set is available in two color choices of blue and red and two sizes of regular and tall.

Precise 18 Piece Men's Complete Golf Club Blue Color Bag
Precise 18 Piece Men's Complete Golf Club Package Set - Blue Color Stand Bag
Key features

Precise S7 Men’s Golf club Set is designed to offer a head start to beginners. Oversized and lightweight clubs are primed for high performance. Packing in superior quality and state-of-the-art technology, this golf set for beginners can make your play look like that of a pro.

Precise Premium Ladies Womens Complete Golf Clubs Set

Precise Premium Ladies Complete Golf Clubs Set

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Precise MDXII 15 Piece Women’s Golf Club Package Set is designed with precision, quality, and style for the ultimate experience to golfers of all levels. Ideal for beginners as well as more advanced players, this set comes as a complete package with all the right tools for any situation you may come across during a round of golf.

Featuring a titanium driver, fairway wood, hybrid, 5- to 9- irons, pitching wedge, putter, stand bag, rain hood, and three headcovers, this golf set for beginners comes in three different size options – Petite Size 5’3″ and below, Standard Size 5’3″ – 5’8″, and Tall Size 5’8″ and above.

Designed for women, the clubs are made lightweight with graphite shafts. The color options add the extra touch of attractiveness.

The set comes with a matching dual-strap stand bag for easy transport. The rain hood and 3 headcovers come in handy to keep the clubs dry and free of nicks and dents.

Incorporating state-of-the-art golfing technologies and high-quality material, this set is the perfect companion to a beginner. With aesthetic design and two color options, this set offers the added attraction of looking sleek and impressive.

Precise Premium Ladies Womens Complete Golf Clubs Set
Precise Premium Ladies Womens Complete Golf Clubs Set
Key features

A solid performer and an asset for beginners, Precise Premium Ladies Complete Golf Clubs Set is a good companion as you improve your game. As a newbie with no idea about the needs and demands of the game and a multitude of models and brands to choose from, this complete set provides the much-needed escape from research and decision-making. Barring minor issues, this set is a great value for money.

Aspire X1 Men's Complete Golf Set

Aspire X1 Men's Complete Golf Set

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Ideal for beginners and high handicap players Aspire X1 Men’s Complete Golf Set is a perfect accessory for golfers aiming to improve their game. Built for accuracy, forgiveness, and distance, this golf set for beginners helps golfers gain confidence and move on to the next level.

Featuring a titanium driver, fairway wood, hybrid, 6- to 9- Irons, pitching wedge, putter, stand bag, and 3 headcovers, this set comes in two sizes – regular size for players 6’ and under and tall size for players above 6’1”.

The titanium driver comes with a rounded crown for less drag and more swing speed. The five cavity back irons come equipped with massive sweet spots on the face for more forgiveness on mishit shots. The oversized winged mallet putter with ample face helps in minimizing skidding to find the hole accurately.

The deluxe stand bag has multiple zippered pockets to accommodate rain gear and other accessories. The three headcovers help maintain the woods in good condition without dents and scratches.

Key features

Perfect golf set for game improvement, Aspire X1 Men's Complete Golf Set is a reliable choice for beginners and golfers with high handicaps. These sleek and high performing clubs check many boxes for sure. Starting from the light and flexible three aerodynamic woods to five highly forgiving irons and a dependable putter, Aspire X1 Men's Complete Golf Set is an asset for beginners to intermediate level golfers.

Wilson Golf Profile SGI Men's Complete Golf Set with Bag

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 From the trusted brand in golf clubs, Wilson has made it easier for beginners to get a head start in the game with Profile SGI Complete Golf Set. Presenting Wilson’s proprietary “Custom fit in a box” ™ system, this set comes with a mind-blowing thirteen size options to fit the requirements of every player.

Featuring a titanium driver, fairway wood, hybrid, 6- to 9- irons, pitching wedge, sand wedge, and a putter, the set comes fitted in a premium carry bag.

An oversized 460cc forged titanium driver is designed with power weighting technology for an enhanced experience for beginners. Ample-sized fairway wood has a graphite shaft, massive sweet spot, and all-weather grip for playing anywhere on the course.

The hybrid, designed to do the work of a 5- iron as well, is wider at the sole and comes with a low profile look for lending the ball good loft whether from the greens or off the tee.

Irons are thinner and flatter unlike the ones typically found in beginner sets. Cavity back stainless-steel irons have a low center of gravity and extreme perimeter weighting for a pro feel.

The pitching wedge does its job well, while the sand wedge is the star of the pack with its sleek bladed look. The blade putter is built with an isolated sweet spot for more accuracy and feel.

The stand bag is lightweight and well-padded with a convenient lifting handle and double shoulder straps. Soft flannel-lined headcovers are a helpful inclusion to keep the woods from damage.

Key features

Buying golf clubs can get very confusing and arduous, especially for a beginner who doesn’t understand the requirements and importance of specific features. Wilson has done a good job with this set, designing specifically for beginners. While it includes all the clubs that a beginner would need during play, the features that stand out are their grips, balance, forgiveness, control as well as durability and stylishness. If you are a beginner and serious about the game, look no further.

Buyer’s Guide for Beginners

Before you start playing the amazing game of golf, you need to do some basic research to understand the requirements:

  • Which beginners golf clubs are recommended to take your game to the next level?
  • Is it better to buy clubs individually or as a complete set?
  • How much do the clubs cost?
  • What are the choices available to you?

This list can go on and on. Ultimately your decision depends on how much importance you have afforded the game and how much money you are willing to spend on this pursuit. 

Assuming you are seriously pursuing the game, it can be said straight away that improving the game needs to be given the utmost importance. You should choose options that will shorten your learning curve.

To this end, spending time on buying individual clubs is both time-consuming and expensive. As a beginner, it is always recommended to go for complete golf sets that most reputed manufacturers of golf clubs have on offer.

However, even among the golf sets available in the market, there is a huge difference in quality, functionality, design, the material used and the clubs included. To make a knowledge-based decision, a little bit of information gathering is necessary.

Go through these FAQs to help your decision-making easier and faster.

A golf course is a large area averaging 75 acres with diverse terrains. It is inconceivable and impossible to design a club that will work well in all terrains. So, the need for a range of good beginner golf clubs that will cover every situation as you play the game.

Drivers and woods are for long shots from the fairway, while irons come in handy for shorter midrange shots. You will find a sand wedge vital to get you out of a bunker. For accurate closeup rolls on the green, the putter does the job well.

Let us examine each club available for play in detail and understand when and how they are used.

The Woods

The woods are for long-distance shots from the tee or fairway. Compared to other clubs, woods come with a bigger clubface and a lower loft angle.

The driver, also known as 1- wood is the club used to hit the ball from an elevated tee. It is the lowest lofted of the woods. Lower the loft angle, the farthest the ball will travel.

The higher-numbered woods are known as fairway woods. The woods from 2- to 9- are available from top brands, though 3- wood is the most common fairway wood found in beginner golf club sets. You may find a 5- wood as well in a set if it includes a second fairway wood. 

Though typically used for shots off the turf of the fairways, a fairway wood may come in handy off the tee when shorter tee off is advantageous due to the presence of a dogleg or a hazard in the range of the driver. 

As the name indicates, the woods used to be made of wood, either hickory or persimmon. The advancement of golf technology has made it possible to have metals lighter than real wood. This has led to titanium or stainless-steel woods, known as metal woods. In addition to increased durability, metal woods allow bigger and more forgiving club heads to the delight of beginner golfers.

The Irons

Deriving their name from the metal club heads, the irons are available from 1- through 9-, though 1- and 2- are rarely found in use. Irons are used for shots to propel the ball to the green. They come in handy for a golfer in a variety of situations and so the most commonly used among all the clubs.

Complete golf sets typically include 5- to 9- irons, while bigger sets may have 3- and 4- irons as well. As in woods, the lower numbered irons come with lower loft. Higher the number, the higher the loft.

3-, 4- and 5- irons are known as long irons as they have long shafts for hitting long-distance shots. For a beginner, long irons are hard to master. So, most club sets replace them with hybrids.

6-, 7-, and 8- irons, known as middle irons are useful for covering shorter distances. 9- iron, called the short iron is for hitting much shorter shots to the green.

The Hybrids

As the name indicates, the hybrids used to be made from a combination of woods and metals. Now with even the woods made of metal, the hybrids, though made of metal, bring together the features of woods and irons. The club head of a hybrid is rounded like that of a wood, while the clubface is similar to that of an iron.

As a result of their unique design, the hybrids have a low center of gravity and consequently greater forgiveness. They come in a variety of loft angles in the range of 16° to 26°.

The long irons are difficult to hit and so often replaced with the more forgiving alternatives of hybrids. They also serve well to fill the distance gap between the fairway woods and middle irons. 

The Wedges

Golf WedgeThe wedges are used for lofting the ball high in the air. Shots such as pitches, lobs, and chips are helpful to get you out of tricky situations. There are four main types of wedges.

The pitching wedge is a typical component of complete club sets. With a loft angle between 46° to 51°, a pitching wedge is used for shots 120 yards from the green.

The sand wedge, as the name suggests, is useful to get out of sand bunkers. It comes equipped with the widest sole of all the wedges to provide sufficient bounce. The design is such that the club head glides through the sand without digging in.

The lob wedge is for the lob or flop shot, that is, the ball goes up high in the air and lands softly without much rollout. It is a difficult stroke to master and so often avoided in beginner golf club sets.

The gap wedge is useful to fill in the distance gap between a pitching wedge and a sand wedge.

The Putter

PutterLast but not least is the putter, the most important of all the clubs to finish off the hole in style. Used in the green to roll the ball towards the hole, a putter is the most used club by a beginner golfer. 

Putters come in different shaft lengths, varying between 32” to 35”, to suit individual requirements. Putter heads come in two types - blade putter and mallet putter.

The old-style blade putter has a flat blade-like head, a small sweet spot, and consequently low forgiveness.

The mallet putter is more forgiving and allows the ball to roll with greater accuracy even when mishit.

The belly putter and broomstick putter are way more forgiving, but recent rule changes have led to a decline in their use.

As you watch others play the game, you may not get the right impression about how easy or hard the game actually is. It is only when you start playing the game that you understand the difficulty involved. To help you in the early stages, you need a starter golf club set that is most forgiving. The more forgiving the better!

Every manufacturer of golf clubs has beginner golf club sets specifically made for beginners. The main feature of these starter golf clubs is the massive sweet spot that helps in increasing their forgiveness. In practical terms, this translates to hitting the ball the intended distance accurately even in the event of mishits.

Without this extra help from the starter golf clubs, beginners typically lose interest in the game and may quit altogether. It is no fun to watch yourself play miserably. The joy and elation you get out of decent shots in the early days can motivate you to practice more and improve your game.

Drivers with a low center of gravity, cavity-backed irons, and mallet putters find a place in a golf club set for beginners.

Or is it okay for them to play the game with men’s clubs? 

The answer is simple. Women should play with clubs designed for them. The difference in their physical characteristics makes this necessary.

Because of the average shorter stature of women, the clubs too are made shorter with more flexible and lightweight graphite shafts. Lighter and flexible graphite shafts can help with a slower swing speed in women. 

The grips are also smaller to accommodate for the smaller hands. Drivers have a slightly higher loft for a better launch angle at slower swing speed. 

Other than these few accommodating features, the quality of men’s and women’s club sets are the same.

Most major golf club manufacturers have on offer specially-designed golf clubs for beginners, available either individually or as a set. The most well-known among them are:

  • TaylorMade 
  • Callaway
  • Wilson
  • Precise
  • Pinemeadow

More brands offer good golf club sets for beginners. And, each one of these brands has come up with multiple complete package sets that include all clubs that a beginner may require to master the game. 

The common thread of all these beginner club sets is its emphasis on ample forgiveness. The forgiveness of starter golf clubs is raised with low-back positioning of the center of gravity and by making the sweet spot bigger. 

Most major brands invest in R&D to discover new ways to achieve this. Taking advantage of the latest technology and their unique design, these brands raise the forgiveness in the starter golf clubs for a better playing experience for beginners. 

Forgiveness, flex of the shaft, and weight of the club are the three main features to pay attention to while buying a golf club set for beginners. 

The most common error made by a beginner golfer while playing is mishits or off-center hits. This happens when the clubface doesn’t meet the golf ball straight on. With larger sweet spots, the ball, instead of getting deflected, will continue to travel straight in the intended direction even in the event of mishits.

Shaft flex depends on the player’s swing speed. Beginners typically have slower swing speeds and this necessitates higher flex. However, incorrect flex may result in problems in getting the clubface back to square at the time of impact.

Slower swing speed among beginners can be rectified to a large extent with lighter clubs. Innovations in club design have helped major brands achieve this without compromising on quality.

The price of beginner golf club sets varies vastly based on the number of clubs included in the set, quality of material, and technology used. The ballpark figure would be in the range of $200-$500. 

If budget is a constraint for complete club sets designed for beginners, you may consider buying used clubs or partial sets. As a beginner, you won’t be using all the clubs that come in a set, even the smaller sets. This means you are paying for some of the clubs in vain, at least in the beginning.

Golf coaches suggest that beginners start playing with a bunch of lower irons such as 7- to 9- irons and a couple of wedges until they find their footing on the course and get a hang of it. As you gain skill and your game improves, you can start using the remaining clubs one-by-one.

Starting small like this in a slow tempo takes away the pressure as you learn the game at your own pace. Once you master the swing, it is smooth sailing ahead.

If budget permits, go for a good golf clubs set for a beginner. You need to use only a small selection in the beginning but can make use of the other clubs in the set as you gain experience and confidence. So, it is not a waste investing on a good beginner golf clubs set after all.

When you buy a complete club set, as a beginner or an advanced level player, you choose one that suits your current level of play. As your game progresses, and progress it will, you may gradually find the beginner golf set insufficient and restricting your game. Then it is time to move on to a better club set. Typically, this happens every few years. An approximate estimate would be three years.

You may also need a new club set due to damages in your current set. By taking good care of your clubs, you can prolong their time with you. 

Another reason for hunting for a new set is the slow decline in the performance of even good beginner golf clubs. It is possible to keep your clubs in excellent condition and playing like new is to replace the grips. The general rule of thumb for grip replacement is after 40 rounds of play or two years, whichever is earlier.

As newer beginner golf club sets are introduced in the market with better technology to improve the forgiveness, flex, weight, loft, and backspin, beginners are naturally tempted to upgrade. These features will indeed make a world of difference to your game, but ultimately it is your buying power that decides whether to go for it immediately or not.

The short answer is no, they are not. Graphite shafts can make your clubs lighter and more flexible. This is advantageous for raising your swing speed, thereby for added distance and fewer strokes to the green.

graphite shafts

Graphite shafts are favored over stainless shafts for players with physical issues or restrictions concerning their shoulder, arm, or back. Lightweight and more flexible, graphite shafts make the swings less painful. Graphite shafts are found to lessen the vibrational impact on the body for off-center strikes.

The graphite shaft is definitely a good choice for golf clubs for a beginner.

The general as well as expert opinion is that beginners are better off with complete golf sets. The reasons for this are many.

As a beginner, your game and playing style is not yet developed. So, it is a waste of money to invest in high-end individual clubs. Allow your game to settle down with an off-the-shelf regular club set. This will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses as well as your likes and dislikes. 

After a few years, when your game has improved and you are ready for an upgrade, you will have all inputs ready for what to look for in your new set of clubs. Such as your preference for certain clubs when there are choices - long irons or hybrids, 5- wood or lob wedge. Or about shafts, grips, and a lot more.

All this information you will have only if you start playing. No amount of expert advice will give you the level of insight as your own experience.

Ultimately it boils down to affordability for a majority of beginners. Starting with a modest beginner golf set will enable you to pick more expensive choices at the time of the first upgrade.

It is not easy to find a used starter golf club set in new condition or something even close to that. Unlike golfers with experience, beginners tend to damage their clubs more due to their lack of skill, knowledge, and experience. 

These beginner mistakes result in bends, cracks, tear, dents, and scratches in the clubs. One or more of these can change the nature and performance of the clubs, making them less than desirable or at the worst, not playable.

Another point to note is the technology used in the manufacture of starter golf clubs. With improvements being made in the clubs very frequently, too old beginner golf club sets would have outdated technology. This will rob you of the advantage of technology in mastering the game.

In case, you can find a ‘as good as new’ used starter golf club set that is not older than 2-3 years, do not hesitate; just go for it. This can help you save money.

Expert advice on the matter is to stay clear of used sets. As beginner club design is getting updated in the blink of an eye, you can take full advantage of this by opting for a new beginner golf set. This way you have a better chance of finding starter golf clubs that suit your personal needs.

And the Winner is ...

wilson golf set for beginners

Wilson Men's Ultra Complete Golf Set, Standard Edition

Our Rating


After weighing the pros and cons of all five beginner golf club sets listed above, we have decided on the winner. The main criteria used to arrive at this conclusion are completeness of the club set, quality of material, the technology used, and affordability.

Our winner in the best complete set of golf clubs for beginners category is 

Wilson Men’s Ultra Complete Golf Set, Standard Edition

A clear winner in all criteria assessed, Wilson Ultra Complete Golf Set has on offer an array of 9 good beginner golf clubs that are must-haves from a beginner’s perspective. 

The latest golf technology used in the manufacture of this complete golf set ensures high levels of forgiveness in all its starter golf clubs to the delight of beginners. The quality of material used in them helps with durability and less wear and tear to make them last longer with you.

Last but not least is the price. For all the excellence that has gone into the making of this beginner golf set, the price is very down to earth and highly affordable.

There may be better golf club sets for beginners with more clubs and even customizable options. In our assessment, beginners do not need that level of sophistication and too many clubs. Wilson Ultra Complete Golf Set is a good choice of golf clubs for a beginner as it does the job perfectly to lay the right foundation for a lifetime of golf.

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